OUR VIEW: Goldberg has been an active and effective treasurer


Massachusetts Treasurer Deb Goldberg has proven herself an active and committed public servant in her first term in office.

The former Brookline selectman with an MBA from Harvard University has championed a variety of programs and initiatives over the past four years to help increase economic opportunity for all Massachusetts residents.

She created a first-in-the-nation Office of Economic Empowerment to tackle issues like the gender pay gap.

She led the state Lottery to record sales with $1.04 billion in fiscal year 2017 ($997 million in FY2018), revenue that provides crucial local aid to cities and towns, and is overseeing a necessary move to new headquarters.

She convened a task force to examine the state’s liquor laws, in her role overseeing the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission, and proposed updates to them.

She established a Financial Literacy Task Force made up of policymakers, educators and community leaders to examine the state of Massachusetts’ financial education and increased programs to improve financial literacy and awareness for all stages of life — youth to seniors. Ms. Goldberg has been a vocal champion for improving women’s economic status, including actively working to close the state’s pay wage gap and support more women in entering financial fields through a new fellowship program.

Her support for women overall — through salary negotiation training, a Women’s Economic Empowerment series, and a dedicated website, EqualPayMA.com — has been effective in helping to shift ground around an entrenched issue.

Most recently, Treasurer Goldberg’s program to offer all newborns and newly adopted babies in Massachusetts a $50 college savings account takes aim at another social problem with significant economic impact — college affordability.

From her first days in office, Ms. Goldberg has shown she can be a leader for the entire state, offering programs that meet the needs of communities outside of the metro Boston area and including towns like Dartmouth, which was the site of one of five Regional Wage Equality Roundtables she held.

For all of these reasons, we support her bid for a second term.

This opinion comes even though Southeastern Massachusetts has a skilled local leader vying for the position. The Standard-Times editorial board has endorsed Rep. Keiko Orrall in the past for her strong voice, ethics, and positions on big issues of importance to the region.

We believe she has been an effective leader in her state representative role.

In this instance, however, we feel Treasurer Goldberg is the best choice based on her progressive thinking, financial acuity, and advocacy on the part of Massachusetts residents.

The current treasurer has shown she has the best interests of Massachusetts residents in mind and is actively working to improve economic stability for all.

The Standard-Times endorses her for reelection.

Read the endorsement here.

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