The Republican endorses Goldberg as treasurer (Editorial)

The job of state treasurer rarely makes the news unless there’s a problem attached. If we haven’t seen or heard much about Deb Goldberg – and we haven’t – that tells us something.

That doesn’t mean the incumbent hasn’t been busy. Her innovations and hands-on involvement give more than enough reason for voters to return her to office in the November 6 election.

Goldberg is a Democrat, but the office should not be run in a partisan manner and she understands that. It speaks to her style of management that Goldberg has become an influential part of the nation’s network of state treasurers, even though the large majority of those people are Republicans.

Within Massachusetts, Goldberg’s enthusiasm for helping constituents is reflected in her accomplishments: campaigns to increase financial literacy and fraud awareness for seniors, veterans and high school students, a first-in-the-nation salary negotiation training session for women, and regional wage equality round tables in cities including Springfield, among many.

She has championed early savings for college and is giving families some help to do it. Beginning in 2020, a college savings program will mean that all babies born to Massachusetts residents will receive a $50 deposit to a 529 savings plan.

The 529 program will start families’ educational savings program from birth and give them an important first step toward financial solvency with education. Supported by private partnership, Goldberg’s office also initiated a savings plan for kindergarten children that began in Worcester, has been incorporated in Monson and promises to spread statewide.

Goldberg’s office is also charged with the Massachusetts School Building Authority’s $50 million school technology infrastructure partnership loan program. She has steered the Massachusetts Lottery to record sales and profits and has the background and knowledge to continue maintaining the lottery’s relevance and success against the new competition of casino gambling in Massachusetts.

The incumbent has shown no interest in using the treasurer’s office as a launching pad for other political dreams. She says she wants to be the treasurer because it gives her the opportunity to help people in various ways, including their education and awareness in financial literacy and pay equity.

Goldberg has given no reason for residents to look elsewhere. Her actions have often been under the radar, yet they’ve had a major impact on countless families and individuals. She deserves another four-year opportunity to keep producing those results.

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