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“It is my privilege to endorse Deb Goldberg to serve as the Commonwealth’s next State Treasurer. Deb brings the great combination of intelligence, business background, and independence that we need. I believe that a gateway city like Brockton needs someone like Deb Goldberg, who will advocate for the people of this city, who will help our young children get college educations, and who will bring financial literacy to families here in the city. I believe it’s critical for the future of our city that Deb Goldberg be our next State Treasurer.”
– Mayor Bill Carpenter (Brockton)

“I’m supporting Deb Goldberg for Treasurer for the Commonwealth because I believe that she knows what the working families of the Commonwealth need. She has ideas that are going to help families and that’s the most important thing to me. I’m proud to support her.”
– Former Mayor Linda Balzotti (Brockton)

“Deb Goldberg will go above and beyond the amount of work necessary in order to serve Massachusetts. I proudly endorse to be our next State Treasurer because she is the most qualified candidate for the job!”
– Mayor William Flanagan (Fall River)

“Deb has the skills and the smarts to be a top notch Treasurer for Massachusetts. I believe in her vision and she can help lead the state in this new economy.”
– Mayor Lisa Wong (Fitchburg)

“Few state constitutional officers can impact the services we depend on like a State Treasurer can, and it matters to Gloucester and Cape Ann that we have a friend in the Treasurer’s Office. With the strength of her unique professional and educational background behind her, Deb Goldberg is poised to be that friend. I urge all Cape Ann voters to pull a Democratic ballot on primary day, September 9th, and to cast a vote for Deb Goldberg to be our next State Treasurer.”
– Former Mayor Bruce Tobey (Gloucester)

“I’m supporting Deb Goldberg because she’s got two feet on the ground, and she understands life up here in Cape Ann. She’s going to be great for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.”
– Former Mayor John Bell (Gloucester)

“Deb Goldberg is a leader who understands local government, the proper use of lottery revenues and the importance of providing an atmosphere in our schools that is conducive to learning. Deb’s many years of governmental service, combined with her experience in the private sector, makes her an excellent candidate for State Treasurer.”
– Mayor Michael McGlynn (Medford)

“I am proud to endorse Deb Goldberg for Treasurer. Deb and I have known each other for years, and I look forward to her continuing the great work of the State Treasurer’s Office. Deb will be a tireless advocate working to strengthen our economy, supporting our local businesses, and fighting to protect our taxpayers. We need someone like Deb who will prioritize programs like the Veterans Welcome Home Bonus and use the School Building Authority to modernize our schools. I know that Deb will be an advocate for Newton in the years to come.”
– Mayor Setti Warren (Newton)

“Deb Goldberg brings the right credentials to the Office of Treasurer. She understands local issues and working people, and she will be an asset to the Commonwealth.”
– Mayor Tom Hoye (Taunton)

“I am proud to support Deb because as Treasurer she will always do what is in the best interests of the citizens of our Commonwealth. Her experience in public service and in finance make her the most qualified to do the job. Throughout this campaign, she has proven her steadfast commitment to the job, which is why she is my candidate for Treasurer on September 9th.”
– Mayor Jeannette McCarthy (Waltham)

“I’m proud to support candidates who have spent time in elected positions locally in their communities. These candidates have a better understanding of the needs of the community and can sympathize with the problems local municipalities have. That’s very important in the position of the Treasurer.”
– Mayor Sue Kay (Weymouth)

“Deb Goldberg is the type of bold progressive leader we need as our next Treasurer. She will bring a unique perspective from her public and private sector experiences that will have a deeply positive impact on those who need it most. She knows that progressive leadership in the Treasurer’s office can break the barriers of social inequality and bring economic security to people across the Commonwealth. For this, and so many more reasons, I proudly endorse Deb Goldberg for Treasurer.”
– Mayor Joseph Petty (Worcester)



“Deb has the business background and the right progressive perspective, and I know she will be a strong Treasurer working on behalf of all Massachusetts residents.”
– Senator Cynthia Creem (Newton)

“I have had the opportunity to work with all the democratic candidates for treasurer and find Deb Goldberg to be the most qualified for the job! She brings to this race an unwavering commitment to economic justice, a passion for public service and a history of fighting for working class families. She is dedicated to fairness, equity and integrity. She is, by far, the best candidate to represent democratic values in this important race for treasurer of the commonwealth!”
– Senator Marc Pacheco (Taunton)



“I’m endorsing Deb for State Treasurer because of her experience in both the public and private sector. She is a proven leader having served as chair of the Brookline Board of Selectmen. She has experience creating jobs in the private sector and is committed to ensuring equality for all. As a father, I want to ensure my daughter would earn the same pay that a man would earn for the same work. Deb understands how important this issue is to the Commonwealth, that is why I am proud to give Deb my endorsement.”
– Representative Jerry Parisella (Beverly)

“Once a union member herself, Deb’s strong support for working families makes her the best candidate to be our next Treasurer. She will work hard to provide the residents of our state with the skills and opportunities they need to get ahead in today’s tough economy. Deb’s business experience will allow her to bring great value to the Treasurer’s office.”
– Representative Nick Collins (Boston)

“I am proud to endorse Deb Goldberg for Treasurer because she is uniquely qualified for the job, given both her private sector experience and her time as a public servant in Brookline. She has the knowledge and skills necessary to hit the ground running come January.”
– Representative Aaron Michlewitz (Boston)

“I support Deb for Treasurer because I have seen firsthand how her business experience has made a meaningful difference for families in communities we both represent.”
– Representative Michael Moran (Brighton)

“I’ve known Deb for more than 30 years. She has the background and business experience we need in our next Treasurer. Deb has always been a person who works with people and builds consensus to solve problems. She is extremely knowledgeable about government and the legislative process; in her service as Chairman of the Brookline Selectmen she showed a true understanding of local communities needs and a ability to get important initiatives done.”
– Representative Frank Smizik (Brookline)

“Deb Goldberg is the clear choice for Treasurer. She has the education, business, and public service experience to ensure that Massachusetts is financially secure. Moreover, Deb has a unique experience with her family’s commitment to community in ensuring that everyone succeeds, and that everyone has economic opportunity. Deb represents the values of Cape Ann. She understands the need for school building assistance and the importance of a strong Massachusetts Cultural Council. Please vote on September 9th for Deb Goldberg for Treasurer.”
– Representative Ann-Margaret Ferrante (Gloucester)

“The reason I’m excited to have Deb running for Treasurer is she brings the brains and passion to politics that is very much needed in Massachusetts.  She will be a tireless advocate for wage equality and the needs of those who are struggling to break through the barriers that hold us back.”
– Representative Liz Malia (Jamaica Plain)

“I am supporting Deb for State Treasurer because of her public sector experience as Chair of the Board of Selectman in Brookline and her private sector business experience at Stop and Shop.  Her unique qualifications will make her the most fiscally responsible Treasurer for the entire Commonwealth.”
– Representative Paul Donato (Medford)

“I first met Deb when she was a Brookline Selectman, and I represented part of Brookline in the legislature. I was impressed then, as I am now, with her progressive values, her talent for fiscal management, and her sensitivity to the needs of her constituents. As we have continued to work together over the years, I have seen her bring those same qualities to pursuing a progressive public policy agenda and to the vast array of her work in non-profit world. This why I am confident she will make a great State Treasurer.”
– Representative Ruth Balser (Newton)

Deb with Reps. Ferrante, Peake, Balser, Smizik and Former Rep. Alice Wolf

Deb with Reps. Ferrante, Peake, Balser, Smizik and Former Rep. Alice Wolf

“Deb is a tremendous candidate with years of versatile experience in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. She has the knowledge, strength and vision that working families need in their next Treasurer and she will bring her progressive values to the office each and every day. I’ve known Deb for 20 years and I was proud to work with her on many important issues when she was serving Brookline as Chair of the Board of Selectmen.”
– Representative Kay Khan (Newton)

“Deborah Goldberg is what our Commonwealth needs in a Treasurer. A former selectman, she understands how the state budget and revenues affect our local communities. Her family built Stop and Shop from a small business to a regional chain, creating good union jobs in the process. She worked there  from stockroom to boardroom learning hard work and business sense. The Commonwealth needs a Treasurer with business acumen and job creating credentials, and the only candidate who fits that bill is my good friend Deb Goldberg.”
– Representative John Rogers (Norwood)

“I’m proud to endorse Deb because she has a unique blend of business, non-profit and municipal experience. She is committed to public service and making a meaningful difference in people’s lives. Deb has the qualifications and vision we need in our next Treasurer.”
– Representative Sarah Peake (Provincetown)

“I’ve endorsed Deb for Treasurer because of her strong business background. She has the skills needed to watch over the Commonwealth’s finances and to ensure economic empowerment, economic security and economic stability for all women, men, and families.”
– Representative Ed Coppinger (West Roxbury)


City Councillors

“Deb is the one candidate in this race who really understands how to get government working for people at every level. Her work at the local level will make sure the policies she puts in place won’t burden local taxpayers. Deb’s long history in both business and public service are a perfect match for the Treasurer’s duties.”
– City Councilor Jim Latter (Beverly, Ward 3)

“Deb will be an excellent Treasurer because she will strongly advocate for issues that matter to the people of Boston: good public schools, local economic development, and financial literacy programs. We need a Treasurer who will invest in people, and Deb will do just that, which is why I am supporting her.”
– City Councilor Michael Flaherty (Boston, At-Large)

“I am endorsing Deb Goldberg for Treasurer because I trust she’ll be a fair and responsible fiscal steward for our Commonwealth, and put our families first. She is personally committed to ensuring every individual, family, and community has equal opportunity, and the resources and tools to be successful. I know Deb will be a reliable partner and advocate for every woman and man in our Commonwealth.”
– City Councilor Ayanna Pressley (Boston, At-Large)

“I am proud to support my friend, Deb Goldberg, for State Treasurer. Deb’s experience in business, public service, philanthropy, and community involvement has given her the skills and understanding to serve Massachusetts residents of all backgrounds. Her focus on strengthening local small business, investing in kids through a kindergarten savings plan, and empowering young people through expanding financial literacy programs make her a candidate I am excited to support.”
– City Councilor Michelle Wu (Boston, At-Large)

“I’m supporting Deb Goldberg because I believe in her message of wage equality, financial literacy, and college savings for kindergarteners. We need a treasurer who stands up for women’s rights and who has the sense to secure the future of our children and their education. Deb Goldberg has been an advocate for these causes her whole career and I am confident she will bring the skills and experience necessary to get the job done.”
– City Councilor Salvatore LaMattina (Boston, District 1)

“We need a Treasurer that fights for working families, women, and our children. That is why I proudly stand with so many of those in the labor movement to endorse Deb Goldberg. Deb is committed to strengthening our pension funds so that seniors can retire with dignity, bringing wage equality to Massachusetts so I know my daughter will earn just as much as my son if they are working the same job, and investing in companies that will reflect the diversity of our neighborhoods.”
– City Councilor Frank Baker (Boston, District 3)

“With her skill set and background in business in both the private and public sector, Deb is uniquely equipped to protect and grow our taxpayers’ money as our Treasurer and Receiver General. I am proud to enthusiastically endorse her.”
– City Councilor Matt O’Malley (Boston, District 6)

“I am supporting Deb Goldberg for Treasurer because she will advocate for small businesses, entrepreneurship, and access to capital for every community from Boston to the Berkshires. Deb Goldberg has the experience, vision, and energy that we need in our next State Treasurer.”
– City Councilor Tito Jackson (Boston, District 7)

“I am proud to support Deb Goldberg. Deb brings together experience in business, nonprofit, and government leadership that will serve her well as our next Treasurer. Deb shares my commitment to social justice and understands the priorities of our community.”
– City Councilor Josh Zakim (Boston, District 8)

“I’m supporting Deb because she brings the best of business and public service in one package. She will be supportive of Gloucester and its issues, and I have always been impressed with the work that her family did with the workers at Stop and Shop. She has my full support.”
– City Councilor Paul McGeary (Gloucester, Ward 1)

“Deb is the most qualified candidate for Treasurer. She has the background and experience to lead the Commonwealth forward to economic prosperity.”
– City Councilor Margaret Laforest (Quincy, Ward 1)

“I am supporting Deb because she understands the importance of funding local projects, like the new Sterling Middle School, and improving Quincy Schools.”
– City Councilor Brian Palmucci (Quincy, Ward 4)


Other Elected Officials

“Deb Goldberg’s combination of public and private sector experience will serve the citizens of the Commonwealth well as Treasurer. She will build on the office’s record of transparency and implement financial literacy programs that will help teens and seniors, alike, protect themselves today and in future years. I hope you’ll join me in supporting Deb Goldberg for Treasurer.”
– Middlesex County Sheriff Peter Koutoujian

“Deb understands the importance of education and, as State Treasurer, she will help us move forward and continue to build first-rate educational facilities for our children and grandchildren by chairing the School Building Assistance Program.”
– Norfolk County District Attorney Michael Morrissey

“My most gratifying duty as Register of Probate is overseeing the adoption process. As the president of an adoption agency, Deb Goldberg has proven to be an advocate for families. As Treasurer, she will strengthen financial literacy and champion wage equality to bring stability for Massachusetts families.”
– Norfolk County Register of Probate Patrick McDermott

“I am supporting Deb Goldberg for State Treasurer. As a long time friend of Deb who has worked closely with her, I know she is a proven leader who I know will bring fiscal responsibility and prudent financial management to the State Treasurer’s Office. Deb Goldberg is the right person, at the right time to lead the State Treasurer’s Office.”
– Norfolk County Treasurer Joseph Connolly

“I am supporting Deb because she is the most qualified out of all of the candidates for Treasurer. Deb will bring the necessary mix of business experience, public service, and financial expertise to the Treasurer’s office. She is best suited to meet the needs of the Commonwealth, and I am proud to support her.”
– Suffolk County Clerk of Court for Civil Business Michael Donovan

“I am endorsing Deb Goldberg because she is prepared to lead the Treasurer’s office on day one. She is uniquely qualified to empower the people of Massachusetts through her advocacy for wage equality, financial literacy, and local aid. I am excited to see what she will accomplish, and I am proud to support her.”
– Suffolk County Sheriff Steven Tompkins 




“Mass Retirees, with some 55,000 members who have retired from public service, is proud to endorse Deb Goldberg of Brookline to the office of State Treasurer. Our policy has always been to back candidates for office who have a strong record of supporting public retirees, and Deb clearly has such a record of action on behalf of our members – not just words or promises. There are other fine candidates for the office, but in our eyes, Deb Goldberg, with her lengthy record of pro- active support for public retirees, stands out alone.”
– Frank Valeri, President of the Retired State, County and Municipal Employees Association


MACRSMassachusetts Association of Contributory Retirement Systems (MACRS)
“Not only is Deb Goldberg one of the best qualified candidates to seek the office of State Treasurer in decades, she also has a record of working with and supporting our public retirement systems… From her time as an elected official in Brookline, Deb has a known record of balancing the financial management of our retirement systems, with the needs of our retirees. She also understands that today’s public employees are largely paying for their own pension benefit and do not qualify for Social Security… Deb Goldberg brings many years of private sector executive experience, both in running a large corporation that employed thousands of Massachusetts workers, as well as in critical nonprofits, such as the Greater Boston Food Bank… She has exactly the right combination of executive leadership and public service background… Massachusetts bond ratings are among the best in the country. One reason for this is the success and stability of our public retirement systems. We look forward to working closely with Deb Goldberg, as State Treasurer, to continue to strengthen our public pension system.”
– Denis Devine, President of MACRS

mlTeamsters Local 25
“Teamsters Local 25 knows first-hand the commitment that Deb Goldberg has to working families. Her family brought the unions in when they owned and operated Stop and Shop. We saw her treat employees with the dignity and respect they deserve. Teamsters Local 25 is proud to endorse her campaign for Treasurer because we know that Deb will always be an advocate of equality and respect.”
– Sean O’Brien, President of Local 25

Painters and Allied Trades DC #35
“Deb Goldberg earned the endorsement of District Council #35 with her strong support for wage equality and job creation. Our members and their families know that as the next Treasurer, Deb Goldberg will be protecting taxpayer’s interests and making Massachusetts job creation her priorities.”
– Jeff Sullivan, Business Manager of DC #35

Deb Goldberg with PFFM President Ed Kelly and Brookline Fire Fighters Local 950 President Paul Trahon

Deb Goldberg with PFFM President Ed Kelly and Brookline Fire Fighters Local 950 President Paul Trahon

Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts
“As firefighters we have a unique perspective of the people that live and work in our communities. We often meet them at their most vulnerable; in medical emergencies, or a fire. We’re a family and Deb understands that family connection having grown up in the Stop and Shop family. Deb’s family built Stop and Shop into a place where thousands of hard working families, for two or three generations, could have good union paying jobs with long term careers, access to healthcare for both full and part time employees and a pension. She also worked in the store herself in the UFCW Local 1445.

“Firefighters answer the call one hundred percent of the time, and we believe that Deb Goldberg will be the Treasurer who does the same. Our members have been on the front line campaigning for Deb, and we’re just getting started. We believe in those who believe in us. The Professional Fire Fighters are proud to endorse Deb Goldberg for State Treasurer.”
– Ed Kelly, President of the Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts

IBEW Local 103
“IBEW 103 is proud to endorse Deb Goldberg for Treasurer because of her commitment to working families and innovative solutions to the problems facing our Commonwealth. Deb is a collaborator who has found ways to get things done. She has plans to expand the School Building Assistance program that allows us to build 21st century schools for our children and will work with us to ensure financial literacy is taught to all who need it in Massachusetts. For these and many other reasons, we at Local 103 are proud to endorse Deb and will be mobilizing our members in the closing weeks of this Primary.”
– Michael Monahan, IBEW Local 103 Business Manager

IBEW Local 2222
“We are proud to support Deb Goldberg for Treasurer because she not only talks about issues facing the working class, she openly shares our values. Deb Goldberg has a lifetime track record of providing jobs, protecting workers and respecting working families. As a labor union, it is essential that we support candidates like Deb Goldberg that demonstrate a willingness to fight alongside us for economic fairness”
– Myles J. Calvey, IBEW Local 2222 Business Manager

290322_290897250920488_1931077642_oState Police Association of Massachusetts (SPAM)
“Deb Goldberg’s dedication to civil service and her commitment to working with the public safety community has been unwavering. We understand the value of a Treasurer that will effectively manage the resources of the Commonwealth as we often need to do. We endorsed Deb because she has the right skills to do the job.”

Mass C.O.P.
“It is with great pleasure that the Massachusetts Coalition of Police announces our endorsement of Deborah Goldberg for Massachusetts State Treasurer. Coming from a family that understands the necessity of good union jobs for hardworking families, Deb has instilled those values into her professional and political life. As a member of the Brookline Board of Selectmen, she understood the needs of our members and worked cooperatively with them. Over the past eight years, public safety has suffered the consequences of poor financial decisions by some in state government. We look forward to having someone as our State Treasurer that understands how those decisions can negatively impact working families. The Massachusetts Coalition of Police enthusiastically looks forward to working with the next Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Deborah Goldberg.”

– Hugh Cameron, Mass C.O.P. President

Utility s32d50m0z23r5kgo1e8qWorkers Local 369
“Deb Goldberg has shown that she will always stand with working families. UWUA Local 369 is proud to endorse Deb because we know she is someone that the middle class can count on as an advocate for them as Treasurer. Our members know that with Deb as Treasurer every woman, man and family will have the leadership they need to move ahead in today’s tough economy.”
– Dan Leary, UWUA Local 369

MTAMassachusetts Teachers Association (MTA)
“Deb Goldberg has a background in business and finance, which is essential for a treasurer, as well as experience in both town government and nonprofit management… She worked collaboratively with public employee unions in Brookline because she understands the essential role they play in making a community a great place to live and work.”
– Barbara Madeloni, President of MTA

logo-AFTMass-300x156American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Massachusetts
“Deb Goldberg is an energetic supporter of our public schools and the members of AFT Massachusetts are proud to endorse her. She supports what’s good for students and fair to educators. Her plan to create a college savings plan for kindergarteners, her support of vocational training and apprenticeship programs, and her pledge to increase funding for public libraries demonstrate her unwavering commitment to the children of Massachusetts.”
– Tom Gosnell, President of AFT Massachusetts

46770_150469208306031_3447693_nBoston Teachers Union
“Deb Goldberg has the financial skills, values, and experience needed in the Treasurer’s Office. She knows that public school teachers embrace and support all children, no matter what their language, learning style, or the challenges they bring to school. Deb’s support for collective bargaining rights and fairness embraces all public employees; and she is also a strong advocate for retired teachers and their economic security. The members of the Boston Teachers Union are proud to endorse, and actively support, Deb Goldberg for State Treasurer.”
– Richard Stutman, President, Boston Teachers Union

AFSCME Coafscme 93uncil #93
“The state treasurer plays a critical role in the protection and viability of state pension funds, which thousands of current and future AFSCME retirees are relying on for a more secure retirement. We need a Treasurer with the skills and experience to protect and grow our funds. We believe we have found that individual in Deborah Goldberg. AFSCME is proud to endorse Deborah and we look forward to helping to elect her as the Commonwealth’s next Treasurer.”
– Frank Moroney, Executive Director of AFSCME Council 93

Massachuslogoetts Laborers’ District Council
“On behalf of the Massachusetts Laborers’ District Council and all of its affiliated Locals representing nearly 25,000 general construction laborers and public employees, I would like to officially offer Deb our endorsement and full support. Deb’s tireless advocacy of issues and protections benefiting working class families has been commendable. We are confident that her passion and commitment to these issues will best serve the interests of our members and all hard working men and women in Massachusetts.”
– Joe Bonfiglio, Massachusetts Laborer’s District Council Business Manager

Unite HERE Local 2648125_339160912856903_1778817040_n
“Deb Goldberg is a champion of hardworking families in Massachusetts. The members of Local 26 are proud to endorse her because we know that she will represent everyone in our state.”
– Brian Lang, President of Local 26

“We are the collective unions of the United Food and Commercial Workers, representing Stop and Shop workers across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We are proud of our relationship with the Goldberg family, particularly Deb Goldberg who we are endorsing for Treasurer of Massachusetts. We know from experience that Deb will be a strong advocate for the working families that keep Massachusetts running.”
– Jim Riley, UFCW

NAGE SEIU Local 5000nageLogo
“Deb Goldberg has a blend of public and private sector experience that uniquely qualifies her to be our next Treasurer. NAGE SEIU Local 5000 is proud to endorse Deb because we know that she will be a fighter for those who need it most. She will give every woman, every man and every family the tools they need to succeed in these tough economic times, and we look forward to joining her.”
– David Holway, National President of NAGE

Bo922742_545379142181703_929968043_nston Carmen’s Union Local 589
“Deb Goldberg has the private and public sector experience a state Treasurer needs to protect Massachusetts workers and taxpayers. And Deb Goldberg understands that affordable and efficient public transportation is the key to improving the Massachusetts’ economy and creating local jobs.”
– James O’Brien, President of Boston Carmen’s Union ATU Local 589




emilyslistEMILY’s List
“Deb Goldberg has an impressive background of leadership in public service, business, and nonprofit advocacy. Her rich tri-sector experience is exactly what Massachusetts women and families need, and the EMILY’s List community – now more than three million members strong – is proud to help her become the next Massachusetts Treasurer.’’
– Stephanie Schriock, President of EMILY’s List

Massachusetts Women’s Political CaucusMWPC
“We are very excited to endorse Deborah Goldberg. As a leader in the business, non-profit and public sectors, she understands what is necessary to strengthen the economy and stabilize working families. Her commitment to women and families of Massachusetts is truly impressive. We are proud to support her campaign for Massachusetts Treasurer.”
– Samantha Washburn-Baronie, MWPC Executive Director

massnowMass NOW

“Mass. NOW is proud to endorse Deb Goldberg for State Treasurer. As an Overseer of Planned Parenthood and a Selectman in the Town of Brookline, she has been engaged in the challenges and issues facing women’s right to privacy, wage equality and choice. We know that she will strive to implement good social policy in the Treasurer’s office and be an ally to the Commonwealth’s most marginalized populations.”
– Donna Denoncourt & Nancy Rosenblum, Mass NOW PAC Co-Chairs

Bay State Stonewall Democrats419257_366945330004218_117654068_n
“The Bay State Stonewall Democrats are proud to endorse Deb Goldberg for Massachusetts State Treasurer. Deb continues to work for LGBTQ rights. She fought for health care benefits for domestic partners in Brookline in the 90’s and continued her work in the fight for “ma rriage” rights at the State House. Now, along with her support for public accommodations for transgender people, she is a committed, strong advocate for issues and problems facing LGBTQ youth and seniors.”
– Claire Naughton, Co-Chair, Bay State Stonewall Democrats

“Brookline PAX, proudly in our 52nd year as an activist, grass-roots, liberal organization enthusiastically endorses our Brookline neighbor & community leader, Deb Goldberg for Treasurer. PAX endorsed her based on her longstanding & active dedication to our liberal & progressive values. In that regard — as well as her business & managerial experience, understanding of fiscal & labor issues, & proven financial skills — we know she’d be both a great Treasurer and a great new leader for Mass. Democrats.”
– Marty Rosenthal, Co-chair, Brookline PAX

Boston Ward 9 Democratic Committee
“The Boston Ward 9 Democrats are proud to unanimously endorse Deb Goldberg for State Treasurer in the primary election on September 9 because she has been a champion on the issue of equality. Deb Goldberg will bring equal pay to the Treasurer’s office on day one and will use the proxy power of state investments to bring greater diversity to the corporate boardroom. Deb knows that businesses are stronger when they reflect the diversity of our Commonwealth.”
– Jeff Ross, Chairman, Boston Ward 9 Democratic Committee


Newspapers: General Election Endorsements



Boston Globe
“The position demands an executive with high energy and wide-ranging experience. That candidate is Democrat Deb Goldberg…. Goldberg offers a formidable background in marketing and promotion that could lead to effective financial literacy programs in a state with one of the nation’s largest income gaps between rich and poor. She is the better-rounded candidate, and the best choice to be the next state treasurer.” See the full endorsement HERE.

lowell-sun-logoLowell Sun
“The Sun believes her breadth of experience makes Deb Goldberg the right choice for state treasurer.” See the full endorsement HERE.

logo-extra-largeFitchburg Sentinel
See the full endorsement HERE.

NDSTNew Bedford Standard-Times
“The race for the office of the state treasurer this year offers two strong candidates from the major parties, but because of her deeper understanding of the people, economy and needs of SouthCoast, Democrat Deb Goldberg has earned our endorsement… we feel that Goldberg’s familiarity with the region, her experience, skill and success in the government sphere, and her people-centered policies maker her the better candidate for treasurer.” See the full endorsement HERE.

safe_imageBerkshire Eagle
“In choosing a successor to capable state treasurer Steve Grossman […] voters should want someone who combines his experience, energy and willingness to explore new concepts. Deborah Goldberg has the potential to meet those standards. Ms. Goldberg brings a unique private-public perspective. As a member of the family that built Stop & Shop, she knows the challenges facing businesses. As a former member of the Board of Selectmen in Brookline, Ms. Goldberg knows government at its roots. The Democratic candidate’s knowledge of financial issues from the viewpoint of a government official and a businesswoman will serve her well as treasurer.” See the full endorsement HERE.

BostonCourantBoston Courant
“We look forward to having Deb Goldberg as our next Treasurer. She is bright, knowledgeable, has private sector experience and is committed to enhancing the financial literacy of our citizens.”


Newspapers: Primary Election Endorsements

Boston Heraldboston_herald_logo
“There are few jobs in state government as wide-ranging as that of state treasurer. And that makes it critically important that the person hoping to fill the position come to it with a similarly wide range of experience. In the three-way Democratic field, Deb Goldberg is the one candidate who best fits that description.” See the full endorsement HERE.

Fall River Herald Newsfallriver_logo
Goldberg offers a laundry list of particularly innovative and ambitious ideas — large and small. Among other proposals: collaborating with other states in exploring the creation of a state-owned bank, which would hold onto state dollars to fund much-needed infrastructure projects; modernizing the state lottery with touch-screen technology and data analysis; exploring a more equitable distribution of lottery dollars; establishing college funds for families; and expanding the Massachusetts School Building Authority, which would play a key financing role in building a new B.M.C. Durfee High School… Deb Goldberg has the creative vision and practical know-how to continue to build upon Grossman’s sound stewardship of the state treasurer’s office.” See the full endorsement HERE.

Taunton-Daily-GazetteTaunton Daily Gazette
See the full endorsement HERE.


Worcester MagazineWM
“The treasurer oversees a number of important offices, not the least of which is the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA). Why is that important? Because here in Worcester, there is a critical need for school renovation and building projects, particularly at Burncoat, Doherty and South High. We do not doubt that each of the candidates understands the significance of these, but Goldberg has literally walked the walk when it comes to assessing the situation. She was part of a group that traipsed up behind Doherty High School recently. If you are looking for signs that she knows a thing or two about finances, consider her family, as noted recently by the Boston Globe, built Stop & Shop into a powerhouse regional supermarket chain. The treasurer also oversees the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (ABCC). We would like to see Goldberg address the issue of beer and wine licenses and how many are afforded to each city and town. Is it time to change the process? A former selectman, we believe Goldberg will swim with the big fish in Boston while remembering the small ponds that fed her.” The full article can be viewed here.

BostonCourantBoston Courant
“For treasurer, we enthusiastically support Deb Goldberg. Long before Arthur T. Demoulas showed us the importance of treating workers with respect and outstanding compensation, Goldberg and her family used these principles to grow a small grocery store into Stop & Shop. Her knowledge of the arcane aspects of pension fund investments and her desire to keep the lottery viable make her an ideal state treasurer.”

The Rainbow Timestrtlogofreshest-2-1
The Rainbow Times also endorses Deb Goldberg for treasurer, a former Brookline selectwoman and one-time candidate for lieutenant governor. See the full endorsement HERE.

See the full endorsement HERE.


South Boston 972332_557550424281637_235044007_nOnline
See the full endorsement HERE.

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